Emerald Series: Claudia Samboni

This Natural-Anaerobi​c​ is​ a​ clean and delicate, but also provides a smooth sweet finish.

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Coffee specifications

Availability: 25 kilos

Coffee Grower: Claudia Samboni

Notes in Cup: Mango - Lychee - Caramel

Origin: Colombia – Huila – Pitalito

Process: Natural Anaerobic

Roasted: In small batches of 4 kilos

Varietal: Pink Bourbon


Our Experience with this coffee

Las Nubes coffee-farm was purchased by Claudia Samboni in 2020 to add to her catalog of incredible lots. As someone who takes her craft very seriously, Claudia ensures that most of her lots are single varietals to increase the clarity of the final product. Translating to “Clouds”, Las Nubes sits at a relatively high 1,700masl. This elevation provides the appropriate amount of sunlight, oxygen, and clean soil for the pink bourbon to flourish. This natural-anaerobic is clean and delicate, but also provides a smooth sweet finish.

Once the coffee is harvested, it is soaked in hermetic containers for 60 hours before removing the fruit. The coffee is then transferred back to the vacuum-sealed containers for 140 hours to finish the fermentation. Finally, the coffee is dried on raised beds which is a common drying technique in Africa. 


Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

We are always inspired in adding more people to TB&TB family. If you are passionate about specialty coffee and would like to apply. Please send us an email with your resume, a small bio of yourself along with why you would like to be a part of the team. 


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From the origin of The Boy & The Bear – Coffee Roastery, our company has always stood for the genuine and transparent approach when it comes to the process of our coffees. The coffee process from crop to cup, reassuring we serve nothing but the best. Also sharing our personal culture to the community. 

The Boy & The Bear is not only about our Colombian coffees, there's more to it than just the speciality Colombian coffees. It’s all about the whole Colombian coffee experience, it's about our Colombian culture, our people, the music and everything that represents the positive and liveliness side of our country. 

“The Boy & The Bear – Coffee Roastery is a magical surrealism of the Colombian coffee experience and its culture behind it” Andres Piñeros – Founder of TB&TB.

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We strongly believe that our Colombian coffees have their own character and personality traits that are able to speak all on it’s own through every cup experience. At TB&TB we encourage our customers to brew their coffee the way they want. After all, the best cup of coffee is the one YOU like, based on your personal preference. 

Our suggested ratio for Pour-Over coffees is: 13gr of water per every 1gr of specialty Colombian coffee and the standard recipe at our cafés is:

- Coffee: 30g

- Water: 390g at 201F / 93.8C

- Brewing time should be around 3:30-4:00 minutes 

When it’s time to brew, use this as a guide to help you brew a great quality cup of our Colombian coffees at home. 


The consistency and the size of the grind play an important role in the final results of your brewed cup.

Please experiment and see what the best approach is for our personal brewing methods.

We have knowledgeable baristas working at each location, feel free to ask questions next time you are in.


Dialing / brewing espressos is always an ongoing process during the day while our team at our stores are in the constant pursuit of the great espresso shot. We rather want to keep it simple in order to get to an accurate and efficient result. 

There are four variables that we use daily at our cafes behind our espresso machine. This is a quick look on our espresso guidelines and a great starting point for your espressos 

- Dose: 16g of espresso in (on an 18gram portafilter basket)

- First Drop: 10 seconds with a 4 seconds pre-infusion time/pause - Time: 36 to 42 seconds

- Yield: 32g to 38g of espresso out 

All coffees to be used on espresso have the following resting period: - Classic Espresso: At least 13 days from roasting date.

- Modern Espresso: At Least 25 days from roasting date.

For espresso our Colombian coffees need at least 13 days of rest after roasting day for an exceptional coffee experience. These coffees will reach their peak point on flavor and consistency at 25 days. 

For Pour-Overs and home coffee brewers we suggest start brewing our coffees between 4 days from roasting date up until 25 days. All characteristics of the coffees are finally merged, the layers of flavors open up and are easier to understand while drinking.




Our Cafes

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Important Note: We DO NOT change our opening hours unless a major cause.

If any changes, those will be posted on our Instagram account and our website. 

We are open 364 days a year with some opening exceptions on the following holidays:  

Thanksgiving Day: Open 7am to 2pm 

Christmas Eve: Open 7am to 2pm 

Only day of the year we close / Christmas day: CLOSED ALL DAY 

New year’s Eve: Open 7am to 2pm

New Year’s Day: Open regular hours 7am to 4pm.

Unfortunately we do not reserve seating for private events. If you have any further questions please contact us to info@theboyandthebear.com

Unfortunately we do not reserve our locations for private events. If you have any further questions please contact us to info@theboyandthebear.com

Online Store and Shipping

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- Digital gift cards sold through our online store: We will send you an email with a code for you to redeem at our cafes.

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We roast our coffees every Tuesday, Wednesdays & Fridays for all cafes and online orders. 

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We currently ship to 40+ countries worldwide (North America, Europe & Oceania). At TB&TB we are currently working to expand our coverage in order to bring the best Colombian Coffee experience to you all. 

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Missing Order:

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These are the rules & conditions, where the customer is responsible for the missing package in the following scenarios: 

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