The Casavieja Store

Our newest location is nestled here at Litt Concept House, a twenty thousand square foot space filled with endless
rarities and antiques. The collection is curated to represent exceptional craftsmanship and artistry from across the globe.
The Boy & The Bear is excited to be part of a concept that lives for design and WE are proud to join this collective.

The theme of our shop takes influence from the idea of coming home to a place that is known, cozy and comforting. De Casa Vieja translates to “old home” and our design draws from the earthy, adobe and wood homes found in rural villages. Natural tones accented by baby blues and verdant green evoke a sense of returning to a home built in another age, filled with generations of memory and care. 

A haven for  creatives to come and feel the inhibition of being home to embody the open ended inspiration of a family workshop filled with tools and memories, a place to foster creativity and build generative energy, Become, enjoy exceptional coffee with us at De Casa Vieja and feel at home.