The Black Store

Is the flagship store, also the first specialty coffee brand to set foot in the SouthBay area. We are humbled to say we carry this recognition with such pride and dignity by continuing to work towards showcasing nothing but the best quality of our products.

The black store beautifully displays the work and craft it takes to produce great quality items. We roast 3 times a week at this location, you will be surrounded by burlap bags of our green beans, charmingly displayed at the store. You will be delighted with the aromas of our coffees. Along with the beautiful weathered wood accents, and copper detailing with dark tones throughout the atmosphere of the store. The beautiful Colombian music in the background ties together the whole Colombian experience.

The concept of this store was to create an elegant place to enjoy a great cup of Colombian coffee with a sleek yet organic feeling to the design of this location.

The black store embodies every concept aspect of our brand. The connections and friendships established down to the design and overall experience of our store.

Each store caters to a well thought out and crafted concept created by the owner Andres Pineros. Each store is unique in its nuances yet still being true to our brand. We want our friends/ neighbors to walk into our store and feel as if they are in Colombia.

As if you were stepping into a different world, our world of Colombian coffee.

Nearby: Redondo Beach Pier, Hermosa Beach & Manhattan Beach Pier