The Green Store

2023 Coffee Design Awards Winner Portland 2023.

Category: Spaces


The design for the Green Store is inspired by the untamed rainforest and magical surrealism imbued in Colombian culture. We aim to transport you into the mystical, verdant, and lush jungle of Colombia. Dense foliage surrounds the shop - our intent to give a sense of immersion into the Amazon. A high ceiling mimics the cathedral-like canopy of deep jungle and gives a sense of vast enclosure. We hope to capture the mystique of the deep jungles: an embrace that feels both close and far and leaves you free and full.

The Boy and the Bear draws further inspiration for this new shop from the ancient Colombian Muisca civilization which looked to the Sun (Sue), Moon (Chia) and Rain (Xiua) as deities - sources of untamed power - due honor, awe, and respect. Above our bar, we installed a mural commissioned by designer, Brian Steely. His resplendent work depicts birds, Anacondas, and Jaguars - symbols in Muisca culture for power, magic, and honor. We are humbled to have such a magnificent representation of the depth and wonder of Colombia. With deep gratitude, we hope to give voice to the stories, sounds, and vibrations of the deep jungles. 

The Muisca civilization was renowned for their exceptional skill as gold-smiths. We’ve inlaid gold accents throughout the design of our store to represent this distinctive aspect of Muisca culture - to affect a subtle sense of splendor. Our most ambitious design yet, we feel The Green Store speaks to the common desire of humanity to find resonance through culture and beauty. We take pride and care to give you the best Colombian atmosphere and coffee Los Angeles has to offer. 


Nearby Neighborhoods: South Pasadena, Altadena, Sierra Madre, San Marino.