The White Store

Is our latest addition to The Boy & The Bears family of stores. The one thing that motivated us to establish this location, was to bring TB&TB specialty coffee experience to the neighborhood of Westchester. Where specialty coffee has not present yet before us. The separation intended for this store is the white color scheme, using the same elements of our brand with it’s copper and wooden features. Surrounded by greenery components to give it a different texture and feel of the store. The distressed paint from the old homes by the coffee farms gave us inspiration to add this element to our stores by displaying distressed paint accents on the walls. We are ecstatic to say we are satisfied with the final results of the overall design of the shop. The white store has become a daily commute to families and friends. With such lively and open space in our shop, it is no wonder families want to spend some time here with us.

The proximity to the 405 FWY and to the LAX makes this a perfect location for an easy and convenient grab and go stop.

Nearby: Los Angeles International Airport/LAX (5 minute commute)