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Tres Hermanas / Female Coffee Growers blend

The Boy & The Bear


Doña Nora and her two other sisters joining forces to reach a smooth and well balanced morning coffee!

Origin: Colombia - Quindio - Pijao
Altitude: 1850 - 1950 MASL
Coffee Farmers:
- Nora Velandia
- Marta Velandia
- Miriam Velandia.

Varietals: Bourbon / Castillo / Caturra / Colombia / Tabi
Sweet Body - Vanilla Flower - Passion Fruit 

Shipping every Tuesday & Thursday before 1pm (PT).

$18.00 USD

Vibrant Espresso

The Boy & The Bear

Our Vibrant Espresso is a well approached blend of two different roasting profiles of the same coffee. This roasting profile has been design by The Boy & The Bear in order to pair perfectly with milk and keeping the classic espresso flavor with an modern approach.

Shipping every Tuesday & Thursday before 1pm (PT).


For a guaranteed delivery before Christmas (12/24/18) PLEASE ORDER BEFORE Thursday 12/13/18


$17.00 USD

William Correa - Natural Process

The Boy & The Bear


We are very proud to present this great Colombian natural process coffee.

Single Origin Coffee
Origin: Colombia - Antioquia - Jerico
Coffee Farmer: William Correa
Varietal: DosMil 

Cherries (24+ Brix) are hand selected at the wet mill, soaked in water for 10 minutes and sundried.  Depulped and fermented for 16hrs - Sun-dried on a rooftop concrete patio.

Ripe Blueberry  - Velvet Fruity Body - Winey

Limited Edition

Shipping every Tuesday & Thursday before 1pm (PT).

$22.00 USD

Yellow Bourbon

The Boy & The Bear

Single Origin Coffee
Origin: Colombia - Huila - Pitalito - Villa Fatima
Coffee Farm: La Esmeralda
Varietal: Yellow Bourbon.
Carefully Hand-picked, 18hrs Fermentation.
Complex Acidity - Dried Berries - Sugar Cane (Panela)
Grown & Harvested in Colombia

Shipping every Tuesday & Thursday before 1pm (PT).


$19.00 USD